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How we Work

At The Perfect Present Company we pride ourselves on our truly personal service, realising that one person’s perfect present is not everyone’s. Moreover, while some like to set up their list directly on our website, others prefer to visit our showroom first. That is why our entire service is focused on you, and your preferences. You can choose to have as much, or as little, guidance as you would like. Below we have included a little bit more about how we work, but if you feel that you have slightly unusual requirements let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you – we aim to be as flexible as possible.


Bespoke Wedding Lists

To ensure we provide the best possible service we ask that you call us initially to discuss your requirements. Most couples visit our showroom to see the range of products we have sourced which also allows one of our consultants to guide you through the process of setting up your list, while you enjoy a glass of champagne! The items you have chosen then form your personal list and you are able to see and update it on our website using the ‘manage your list’ page.

If you prefer to set up your list without visiting us, then we remain well placed to help. Call us and we will provide you with secure login details so you can create and manage your list completely independently through our website, safe in the knowledge that we will be there to help at the end of the phone if you require assistance.

Managing your List

With your secure log-in details, you can edit your list at any time. Click on ‘manage your list’ in the top navigation bar and enter your log-in details. You will then be able to see your list as it stands, with information of any presents already purchased. You will also be able to navigate through our on-line showroom adding any further items to your list.

Informing your Guests

We can provide cards for you to include with your invitations detailing that your list is held with The Perfect Present Company. Guests can then view your list on our site and select the present(s) they wish to purchase. Unlike some companies, we do not charge guests for using our service. Alternatively, those wishing a more personal service can call our office for list details and assistance.

Purchasing Presents

Our website has been designed to be as easy to use as possible and your guests will be able to see pictures, descriptions and prices of items on your list (including those which have already been purchased). They then have the option of buying their present on-line straight from your list, or by phoning us with their card details, or sending a cheque. Any message that they wish to pass on to you will also be recorded.

Your list will automatically be updated to show that the item has been purchased. You will also receive email notification of presents purchased, along with the purchaser’s name and address and any message. This makes writing thank yous that little bit easier for those who like to write them at the time of purchase.

Closing your List

Your list will be closed at a date agreed with you, although we normally recommend keeping your list open for at least three weeks after the date of your wedding in the event of late purchases. Once closed, you will have the option of purchasing any remaining items at a discount of 10%. In fact, your discount of 10% will remain with you for life to use with The Perfect Present Company on any orders over £100. We also keep a record of all the items on your list, which means if you want to buy any replacements at a later date we have the details.

Delivery of Presents

Once your list has been closed we will discuss a delivery date suitable for you. We endeavour to deliver all your presents on one delivery date, although for some items this may not be possible.

Along with your presents, we will also deliver a booklet with a record of your list, who bought what, their address and the message that they wrote to you. Again, this is all just part of our personal service.


While we are probably best known for our wedding list services, we can also provide you with an account for setting up other types of lists, for example general wish lists or birthday lists. If you are interested in setting up a list of this type, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


If you just want to purchase a one-off present for someone, and need ideas, we can help with this too. Just call or email us for assistance. Alternatively visit our online shop.


Where there is an item you really want to put on your list, or purchase for someone, but you do not see it in our showrooms, please let us know and we will do our utmost to source it for you.


If so, please contact us by phone on 01738 710 982 or email info@theperfectpresentcompany.co.uk